Working with Jan


Phase 1: Consultation

During your consultation, we’ll make sure you get really clear on your student loan debt (types of loans, balances, interest rates, etc.) and what your needs are (lower payments, other financial obligations, best case scenario, etc.)

Plus, we’ll explore all your loan options and best next steps, given your present financial and gradlife circumstances. From there, we’ll determine whether my services would be helpful for you in meeting your goals.

Please note, this consultation will include a help assessment, but will not include a sales pitch.


Phase 2: Getting Started + Info Gathering

If we decide to work together, we will get to work on your loans right way. You’ll receive a Welcome Kit from me, which will include your Student Loan Questionnaire. This document is a series of simple questions will help us organize your student loan debt, and pinpoint what your financial needs are in a clear cut, orderly way.


Phase 3: Immediate Action 

Once you fill out and return your completed Questionnaire to me, I’ll review your info and evaluate what immediate action needs to be taken. This usually includes actions like: resolving delinquencies, processing forbearances, contacting your lenders, etc.


Phase 4: Evaluation + Strategy-Building

During this phase, I’ll evaluate all of your student debt, financial needs and life circumstances. I’ll form a clear picture on your case, and consider all available repayment options + upcoming student loan legislation, so that I can make the best decisions on how to move forward for your best possible repayment experience.

During this phase, I’ll also build your repayment strategy and type it out for you, in a Pic - Student Loan Consultant - Graduate Familystep-by-step way. You’ll go over your Student Loan Business Plan on your own time, and then review it with me over the phone, or email. You can ask me as many questions about it as you like, and you’ll learn a lot about student loans during this process. I especially enjoy this phase, as educating borrowers on their loans, going over the options they never knew they had and how we’ll be safely working the system to benefit you, is one of my favorite things to do as a student loan consultant!


Phase 5: Plan Execution Stage

This is where we take all the necessary actions to put your Student Loan Business Plan in motion. This may involve negotiating with your lenders, processing consolidations, account verification, income/IRS verification, applications, transfers to new consolidation servicers, servicer preparation, consolidation finalization stages and etc.

Please note, your Student Loan Business Plan is not written in stone. It is a document that expresses the best possible strategy to follow at the time it is created. If your circumstances change, drastically or in a minor way, we can make tweaks to your Student Loan Business Plan, freshly tailoring to reflect the changes in your life circumstances.