All about REPAYE: on Physician Financial Success (podcast)

Last week I had the pleasure of being the featured guest on Josh Mettle’s Physician Financial Success podcast.

During our very pleasant and lively chat, we discussed:


  • the new REPAYE Program – what it is, when it’ll roll out & what it means for you (in plain English)
  • what IBR is & how it compares to the REPAYE Program
  • whether using REPAYE disqualifies you for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program
  • caveats to the REPAYE program that are essential to understand


And a bunch more must-know details related to student loan financial planning for physicians.

Click here to have a listen to (or read through the transcript of) our chat.

It’s easy to follow, and you’ll learn everything you never knew about this new federal repayment assistance program.

If, after hearing the interview, you find that you still have your own questions about the REPAYE program and how it’ll be affecting you or your family, please feel free to set up a free consultation with me this week.

Together, we can go over your student loan portfolio, current needs and next best steps.

Happy to be of service —

Happy Holidays,

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