Is Consolidation right for you?student loan consultant - debt relief

Student loan consolidation is being pushed by debt relief agencies and many student loan lenders as a quick, one-size-fits-all solution to everyone’s student loan worries.

While consolidation is a great option, due to its ability to combine all your payments into one, it’s not the only option you have for repayment assistance… and it’s not the best choice for everyone!

In fact, while consolidation can produce good benefits for the right candidate, it can wreck financial havoc for the wrong one.

Don’t fall for the “quick fix” gimmick that debt relief agencies are pushing – consolidation is not the only option you have for alleviating your student debt challenges!


Student Loan Consultant says…


Instead of being used on its own, consolidation should be PART of a comprehensive plan of action – a holistic strategy that uses several types of repayment assistance, in addition to consolidation.

If you’re not to sure whether consolidation is the right move for you, please schedule a free assessment with Jan by clicking here.

Jan has worked for 16 years combined in the student loan industry and the financial industry. His broad expertise will identify your best approach, and steer you in the safest and most financially sound direction.

Please note, Jan can facilitate the consolidation of both private and federal loans (and in certain circumstances, both types can be consolidated together).