GL Advisor: where’d they go?

For the past few months, I have been receiving many phone calls from worried student loan borrowers concerning GL Advisor.

Apparently, this agency, which was designed to help borrowers manage their student debt, has been unreachable for weeks.

Unfortunately, this does not surprise me that much — but it did just a little!

While scams of all kinds run rampant throughout the student loan debt relief industry, GL Advisor seemed to be on the up and up. They focused on working with professional graduates, and presented themselves as a reputable financial advisory firm. Plus, they were founded by a group of Harvard Business School classmates.

Long story short, this January they were sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for misappropriating money from an investment fund.

A quick Google search for “GL Advisor” just yielded me:

“GL Advisor’s offices were raided by the FBI, and its CEO and principal owner was arrested and charged with multiple counts of criminal fraud, identity theft, and obstruction of justice.”

Naturally, that would keep anyone from answering their phone calls in a timely manner.

You can read more about the lawsuit by clicking here and here.


Student Loan Consultant Says

I have a lot to say about this matter, but I’ll keep it short.


#1 If you’ve been working with GL Advisor and have been unable to reach them, please click here to schedule a free consultation with me.

Together, we’ll make sure everything is good and well with your debt repayment, IBR status, etc. and that you’re well informed about your loan health and present options.


#2 Any student loan help that is staffed by people who have not worked in the student loan industry is not reliable, in my opinion.

To have the safest and best possible repayment experience, a borrower should hire someone who has worked directly with federal loans, private loans and personal finance. After all, each type of student loan has its unique policies and regulations, and student loan repayment is an integral piece of a borrower’s financial life.


#3 Demand transparency.

Who is your student loan help? How did they get to be so good with student loans? How can they help you, and how often can you contact them with your Q’s? If you have a sudden financial emergency, can you count on them to rework your repayment assistance?

Also, do they have a financial background, a student loan background, or neither? Are they just a sales rep from a (shady) debt relief agency?

The world of student loan debt management is full of landmines, and borrowers need to tread carefully, mindfully… and maybe even with a healthy dose of paranoia.

– – –

In sum, please feel free to contact me at info(at)student-loan-consultant(dot)com or by scheduling a free phone consultation via this link.

I’ve worked for many years in the student loan industry, for both private and federal lenders, and have also worked in the financial services industry. You can read more about my bio in my About page, or by visiting my Linked in.

It is my pleasure, privilege and job to put all my student loan savvy to use, and be a reliable resource for you to chart your best course of action with your student loan repayment.

In service,
Jan Miller




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