A Holistic Approach

Jan’s approach to repayment planning goes far above & beyond anything else you’ll find in the student loan industry.

Your personalized debt repayment plan considers:

  • Your private loans
  • Your federal loans
  • Your budget
  • Your life circumstances
  • Your credit score & financial health
  • Your short & long-term income projections

When Jan crafts your Student Loan Business Plan™, it’s the BEST possible path you can take to pay back all your student loan debt.

Because it has such a thorough strategy that covers every corner, Jan calls it “holistic repayment planning.”

Additionally, Jan offers extended support membership programs, centered on generating cooperative, friendly and long-lasting relationships with his clients.


Often times, I receive phone calls from borrowers who feel they "should" know more about their student loan repayment planning, but don't.

I like to remind these folks that: student loans are complicated.

There are federal loans, private loans, lines of credit and Perkins loans. Plus, there are different lenders, servicers, providers, interest rates, rules, regulations and administrative processes, etc.

I don't only get calls for help from borrowers and their parents, I also receive calls from financial planners, lawyers, economics specialists and consulting firms.

Student loan information is complex, and rarely explained in easy to understand, layman's language.

Through Miller Student Loan Consulting, I get to share my insider experience of the student loan industry, and the financial services industry, in plain, everyday language.

Even if you've never worked with a consultant before, I encourage you to give me a call and book a 30-minute consultation. We'll have a friendly chat about your loans, your budgetary needs and what possibilities you can explore in your repayment planning.

Lenders like Sallie Mae, AES and Citibank offer answers that are one-dimensional; meaning, they are "cookie cutter" responses that pertain only to one particular loan type.

For example, when you call Sallie Mae about repayment assistance, and ask which option (or combination of options) is best for your situation, you will only receive a solution that pertains to your Sallie Mae loan(s).

Plus, this representative will only give you the solution that works best for Sallie Mae.

What if that particular solution isn't really what's best for your budget, or doesn't benefit the rest of your finances? Miller Student Loan Consulting's approach solves that riddle, and more.