How to get your new FSA ID and Password


Hello everyone,

There have been a few important changes on the NSLDS and websites — and they’re mainly related to the verification process.

Here are the changes:

  • Where you used to put in your social security number, date of birth, first 2 letters of your last name and pin number, now you are required to create an “FSA ID and password.”
  • You can create one of these on the spot. (However, like all things federal loans, it’s a bit involved.)
  • To create the FSA ID, you must create 5 security questions. Yes, count ’em, 5 security questions.
  • There will be a security code that is sent to your email, which must be inputted during the FSA ID registration in order to complete the process.


And that’s it.

If you have any questions on these recent changes, or on anything related to your loan repayment, just let me know at info(at)student-loan-consultant(dot)com.

You can also schedule a free appointment with me via my scheduling app. Just make sure you receive an email confirmation as the scheduler can be a bit glitchy at times.

Also, if you have a family member/spouse who’d like to be in on the call, please feel free to 3-way them in.

Best always,

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