My recent interview with Ryan @ Financial Residency Podcast (link inside)

Dear Clients, Visitors and Colleagues,

I had the recent pleasure of being interviewed by Ryan Inman of the Financial Residency Podcast, earlier this summer. You can click here to listen to our interview, anytime.

During our chat, I shared many of the most common mistakes that physicians are making with their loans. And, naturally, how to steer clear of them.

A little summary of our interview is here, below:

  • Wait before you refinance!
  • To Consolidate or not Consolidate…that is the Question!
  • PSLF (Public Student Loan Forgiveness)
  • Grace Periods
  • The Aggressive Pay-Off

And more. Here’s the link to have a listen, and if you have any questions about your own student debt portfolio come up, please feel free to set up a consultation.

Enjoy summer!

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