What to do if You’ve Been Scammed by a Student Loan Debt Relief Agency


I receive many, many emails from borrowers who fear they’ve been scammed by a debt relief agency.

Usually, their emails arrive after they’ve been pressured into giving their personal information to a debt relief sales rep, and their questions sound something like this:


Dear Jan,

I just read your “9 Ways to spot – and avoid – a student loan debt relief agency” article online, and realized I’ve just been scammed by a shady debt relief agency.

Help! How can I cancel my subscription to their service?

Concerned Borrower


Dear Concerned Borrower,

Unfortunately, situations like this happen every day.

The student loan debt relief industry specializes in preying on borrowers just like you, who had no idea they could consolidate their loans and/or enroll in any of the income based repayment assistance plans – for FREE.

Still, there’s plenty you can do:

  • Call the debt relief agency and ask them what the process is for cancelling their services. This usually involves a written request, but sometimes, they will do it by phone.

Please note, the salesperson may be very aggressive. Persist, and stand your ground.

Additionally, these companies often charge a monthly fee (sometimes called a maintenance fee) that is tacked onto your “enrollment” payment, so make sure this gets cancelled as well.


If you can’t get into contact with them, or cancel, then do the following:

  • Locate your Student Aid (FAFSA) PIN number. If you don’t remember it, you can get it at www.pin.ed.gov by clicking on “Request Duplicate Pin” at the upper left of the webpage.
  • Go to studentloans.gov, click Sign In, and look toward the top left corner of the page where it says: My Loan Documents. Go ahead and click “Direct Consolidation Loan Applications.”


You should be able to check the status of your student loan consolidation, or income driven repayment plan, right here. If you need further support, call Direct Loans at 1-800-557-7392. They can help you fix your situation.

Lastly, consider: are you completely clear on all your loans, repayment options and next best steps?

Just because consolidation and Income Based Repayment are the most publicized repayment assistance programs doesn’t mean they’re your only options for financial breathing room!

To get some solid guidance with your student debt, click here to schedule a free call with me. We’ll take a few minutes to discuss your best possible repayment trajectory. It’s my objective to make sure you get clear on all your loan types, repayment options, and most importantly, your rights as a borrower.

Regardless of whether you are the right fit for my services, I’ll make sure you head off feeling more in control of your loans, more aware of your repayment options,  and in the right direction!





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