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Jan is passionate about helping to resolve the student loan crisis – through education.

With a total of nearly 20 years experience working with student loans, investment advising and many other facets of personal finance, Jan has amalgamated a masterful understanding of all types of student loans – and how to safely and successfully achieve their repayment.

Jan encourages a holistic approach to managing student debt. Instead of pushing quick, one-size-fits-all fixes (like consolidation and federal repayment assistance programs) he encourages a broader, more comprehensive approach to student debt repayment.

“So much press has surrounded the Income Based programs as of late (such as IBR) that the original federal student loan assistance provided to borrowers decades ago by the Higher Education Act has been overshadowed and forgotten, even though it is still available for borrowers.

And whereas IBR only applies to a relatively small portion of the Federal Student Loan debt portfolio – only 1.3 million approved of the current 37 million student loan borrowers – due to the many different requirements needed to qualify, many options not considered or known are available to all borrowers.” – Jan Miler

Having worked for Morgan Stanley, Nelnet, Wells Fargo, Citi and Discover, Jan’s insider knowledge enables him to deliver the best practices for managing student loan debt – information that is often not made available to the public.

What Can Jan Do for You?

Jan aims to educate all borrowers struggling with their debt with the fact that there are real solutions available, no matter what their circumstances, income or total debt.

With the right education of student loan options, Jan will help turn student loans from a financial burden, back into the sound investment they were originally intended to be.

“My objective is to make a significant impact on your school’s Cohort Default rate and provide your student borrowers the information and tools they need to prevent delinquency and default. In almost all cases there are options for borrowers, even if they aren’t able to make any payment at all on their loans.” – Jan Miller


Hiring Jan

As a former professional opera singer, Jan brings a natural charisma, stage presence and ability to communicate that simultaneously inspires you and puts you at ease.

In spite of his lofty financial background, he is down to earth, and great at connecting with his audiences.

Hiring Jan will grant your school with the tools and information to ensure the best repayment experience possible.


To book Jan, email with the subject, “Improve my Cohort Default Rate.”