Student loan speaks on the Michael Cohen radio show

This morning, I had the pleasure of being the featured guest on Michael Cohen’s radio show. You can click here to listen to the interview.

I really enjoyed sharing helpful information that I usually don’t get to share, particularly some little-known facts about student loan delinquency, and how it greatly differs from being delinquent (i.e. late) on any other type of debt.

Sneak preview: student loans have much kinder policies for payment lateness — and they’re far more flexible than the lateness policies of credit card, car lien and mortgage lenders.

Many of the interviews I’ve contributed to tend to focus on highlighting student debt statistics and trends, and while that’s all well and good , it’s important to focus on the rarely highlighted positive sides of student debt — and practical solutions to managing it.

Click here to listen to the interview, and make sure you scroll to “Jan Miller,” on February 18th 2015 when you arrive at the page.



Clarity about your Student Loan Debt

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