Waiting for a student loan miracle?

Borrowers, if you are waiting for a miraculous student loan bailout, please don’t hold your breath!

Sure, there is legislation being considered by Congress almost constantly, regarding how the government ought to deal with the current financial crisis.

And yes, new programs such as the updated version of Income Based Repayment and “Pay as you Earn” have come into existence, and have helped many borrowers out financial peril.

However, these programs are only available to newer borrowers, and they don’t apply to Parent PLUS or private loans.

Also, these programs do not favor married couples who file jointly, since they’re required to include the income of both spouses. This often reduces or eliminates their eligibility for most repayment benefits.

With legislation taking as long as it does to implement, and benefiting only a few people at a time, there are presently a lot of people without the necessary support and guidance they need in order to achieve an easy, worry-free repayment that benefits their circumstances.



With regard to your student loan debt, know that there are many different repayment options, and strategies available specifically for student loans that can be hugely beneficial to you – even if they don’t get much press.

I also encourage you to seek professional guidance, from someone who has worked in the student loan industry, and thoroughly understands and carefully considers your entire student loan portfolio.

To schedule your complimentary student loan consultation with me, Jan Miller (student loan consultant), click here. Together, we’ll go over all your loans, your goals, and discuss how you can put your repayment options to benefit your unique circumstances.



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