Financial Planners

As financial service professionals, you know a lot about the many facets of finance that affect your clients’ lives. From savings and stocks, to investments and IRA’s, your client can present a vast array of questions and concerns – each as unique as their life circumstances. As you likely may have noticed, one of the most pressing and common concerns these days is the trillion dollar phenomenon of student loan debt. To provide your clients with the BEST guidance and most complete snapshot of the most beneficial options available to them, it’s important to consult with a true expert – someone who’s been inside the student loan industry.

Common Questions Your Clients May Be Asking:

  • How can they weave their student debt repayment seamlessly into their current (and future) financial situation?
  • Is it possible to buy a new home, given their hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt?
  • Do they really need to file their taxes Married Separately in order to lower their payments?
  • Will the PSLF program stick around, or get cancelled altogether? How deep down the rabbit hole do the nuances and requirements of PSLF go?
  • What can be done to manage their federal debt, and what can be done to manage their private debt? Are their options the same? Or do they vary from servicer to servicer?
  • What is a student loan servicer, a student loan lender and a student loan guarantor? How can you find out who they are and how (or why) to reach them?
  • What about planning for a career change – can they delay their student loans, safely, for a while, while still keeping their credit score high and good?
  • Will federal student loan regulations change with changes in presidential administrations?
  • What if their lender made a mistake in processing their repayment assistance program application, and refuses to fix it?

Ready to tackle your student loan debt, and experience financial freedom?