30 minute Consultation
  • Consult with Jan, 25 year student loan expert, regarding your current student debt
  • Information to have handy: balances, interest rates, loan types e.g. federal or private, short/long term concerns
  • For international calls, Whats App & Google Meet are available
  • Spouse, family member(s) and financial planners are welcome to join your consultation
  • Receive thorough and direct answers to all questions with clarity and certainty
  • Pre-payment is required. Checkout button below requires payment before routing you to the scheduler.


60 Minute Consultation
  • Same benefits as the 30 minute consultation, PLUS more in depth, broader answers and explanations

  • Recommended for:
  • Couples who each have student loan debt; paired analyses take time
  • Complex situations, when multiple people are on the line (e.g. parents, children, spouses, financial planner, accountant, mortgage lender, etc.
  • When help is needed with processing
  • If you want a more detailed and in depth consultation
  • Pre-payment is required. Checkout button below requires payment before routing you to the scheduler.​

$315.00 x 5 months*

professional Membership
  • Assistance enrolling in any income-driven program (IBR, ICR, PAYE, REPAYE/SAVE)
  • Making sure your servicer calculates your monthly due correctly and requesting corrections when needed
  • Properly preparing for PSLF Program and meeting the requirements with precision
  • Long-term planning and repayment solutions for all circumstances
  • Phone calls with financial advisors/planners and mortgage lenders
  • $315.00 x 5 months; $75.00/month thereafter*

$65.00 Monthly Fee

The Senior Plan
  • Special plan excusively for seniors ages 55 and better (must be young at heart)
  • Assistance enrolling in any federal repayment assistance program e.g. IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, PAYE, ICR
  • Help with changing/re-certifying/recalculating income-driven programs
  • Unlimited phone consultations, with Saturday availability
$5.00  $100.00  $150.00  $250.00