How to Find all of your Student Loans


If you can’t remember exactly how much debt you owe, who your lenders are and/or what types of loans your have… you’re not the only one!

Many student loan borrowers have no idea where their student loans are, and the reasons for not knowing this info are many:

  • you borrowed when you were really young, and didn’t know any better
  • your attention was on your academic an social life, instead of your finances
  • your financial aid counselor told you how to get into debt, but not out of it (!)
  • you don’t recall ever signing for a loan, but somehow, it was part of your financial aid package

Regardless of what happened, here’s your chance to take charge of your student loans, and your financial wellness.

See the video below to learn, step-by-step, how to find ALL your federal and private student loan debt.



All clear on how to find your loans? Good! If have any follow up questions, or are curious about how to make your repayment the most inexpensive, easiest experience it can be, click here to schedule a free consultation with me, your friendly neighborhood student loan consultant.

Together, we’ll go over your student debt portfolio, repayment options and personal circumstances, and discuss which next steps are the ideal ones for you to take.


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