I’m on the Jim Paris radio show. Listen here!

Last night (Sunday the 4th), I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Paris, for his radio show, Jim Paris Live.

We had a great time talking about student loan repayment: how complicated it is, common Q & A’s and why my background in both private and federal loans (as well as investment advising) has qualified me to provide this unique – and much-needed – service.

As you’ll hear, Jim has a knack for picking my brain. And a good sense of humor, to boot.

Click here to listen to the interview.


Free Student Loan Consultation

As you’ll hear in the interview, I offer free consultations to all borrowers who are looking to be pointed in the right direction.

There’s no obligation or pressure to become my client (i.e. no sales pitch), as I only offer my services to persons who a)really do need my help and b)are the right fit for my particular type of assistance.

Feel free to select the best time for you on my calendar scheduler by clicking here, and get ready to feel a whole lot better about your student loan debt.

I look forward to going over your loans, your best options, and most of all, to being of help.

Happiest New Year,

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