Repayment time is coming! Here’s what to do

Dear Everyone,


After 3 years of extensions, student loan payment time is finally coming! The payment pause will officially end on August 31st 2023 and payments will begin in September.



If you are already enrolled in an income driven plan such as PAYE, REPAYE, IBR or ICR, AND your income has not decreased since your last recertification, you aren’t required to do anything. Your payments will resume at the payment you most recently approved for in the IDR plan, even if that occurred prior to the pandemic forbearance.



Monthly members and hourly pay-as-you-go clients: If you are already enrolled in an income driven plan (such as PAYE, REPAYE, IBR or ICR) and your income has decreased, let me know and I’ll help you lower your payments.



If you are not an hourly client or monthly member, you should fill out a “Recalculation” Application at and send your servicer recent proof of income that demonstrates any reduction in pay. Make sure you track that application through to completion; servicers may neglect to process your application due to high work volumes and short staffing issues.



If you were in forbearance prior to the pandemic, and you need additional forbearance, do not assume the loan servicer will keep your loans in forbearance after the pandemic payment pause has ended. It’s best to schedule a call with me after September 1st, so that we can deal with the issue, as needed.



If the above doesn’t address your situation and you would just like some help navigating your repayment, please schedule a call.



All annual income-driven recertification applications will not be required until at least 2024.



Questions? Concerns? I’m here to help. 


Best Regards,


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