The Truth about “Debt Relief” Agencies


Presently, there are countless borrowers across the U.S. seeking relief from their student loan debt.

And, unfortunately, an entire industry has noticed their vulnerability, and wasted no time in taking advantage of their youthful inexperience, and their search for guidance and financial breathing room.

This is the shady student loan “debt relief” industry, and they usually bring borrowers anything but relief!

Working with a debt relief agency often wrecks financial havoc on a borrower’s finances, since debt relief agents are trained salespeople (who specialize in pushing one-size-fits-all solutions on borrowers), and not true student loan experts.

To compound the problem, many debt relief salespeople claim to be affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education, and are skilled at making false promises. They sometimes even call borrowers (without the borrowers ever having contacted them) and offer “helpful” services to bring them relief from their student debt.

Please watch the video below to learn the truth about debt relief agencies: learn what their “helpful services” are, their tactics to lure in borrowers, and what to do if you’ve already fallen prey to one.



If, after reading this post, you have some questions about how to manage your student loan debt within your budget, please schedule a free consultation with me.

I’ve worked for many years in the student loan industry, and financial industry, and am happy to offer a free consultation to borrowers who are seeking direction and clarity.

Regardless of whether my debt management services are the right fit for you, let’s make sure you’re well informed about your options, and headed in the best possible direction for your student debt repayment.

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