To consolidate… or NOT to consolidate? (That is the question)


Student loan consolidation is being pushed by the media, lenders and debt relief agencies alike, as the quick, one-size-fits-all solution to all student loan worries.

While consolidation is an attractive option, due to its ability to combine all your payments into one, it’s not the only option you have for repayment assistance… and it’s certainly not the best choice for everyone!

Don’t fall for the “quick fix” solution gimmick that debt relief agencies are pushing: consider the following points to find out if consolidation is the right fit for your student loan situation.


Some Considerations

  • Private and federal student loans cannot be consolidated together.
  • Consolidation can potentially affect your eligibility for certain deferments that you may qualify for later on.
  • Consolidation can shorten the amount of time you can have repayment assistance available.
  • All lenders of federal loans are required to establish your consolidation loan interest rate the same way, so your interest rate shouldn’t be a consideration when determining if to consolidate, and who to do it with.
  • There is a BIG push (by debt relief agencies and the mainstream media) that positions consolidation as the “single solution” to all student loan debt related challenges. You can avoid this pitfall entirely by speaking with a trusted professional & finding out if it’s right for you.



For more information on whether (or not) you should consolidate, you can read my recent 3-part article on the topic, which was recently published at the Deseret News. For easier access, I’ve posted the series here (and consolidated the 3 articles into a single info-rich post).

Also, if you’re ready to speak with someone who can steer you in the best possible direction for your student loan repayment, schedule a free consultation with me by clicking here.

Consolidation can be helpful, but it’s not the only option you have. I look forward to showing you just how much help you can take advantage of to dramatically improve your student debt situation!




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